Back in the electronic world

Monday Morning – fast approaching afternoon.

We have electricity and water again. After two days, three nights cut off.
I can rest from carrying buckets of water.

The following is an honest transcript of my hand written notes made over the weekend. It is the nature of blogs to write what maybe no one wants to read but maybe someone will empathise or learn from our experience. So, I make no apologies for the ramble, that itself is part of life by candle light – time expands.

Saturday morning:
Awaking to no water, no electricity, no phone, no access to money.
What is going on?
Came home last night to a dark house. Power cut. Trod on the cats, found matches and candles, and delighted in the flickering flame and warm light. Lay in bed talking for hours.

(A bad nights sleep – due to noisy drunks at various times passing by the house. Shrieks, shouts and tumbling beer cans).

Morning. Flushed the toilet and noticed no water. R starts to ask lots of questions, a clear increase in anxiety. It being that time of month and sanitary issues. I calm her down explaining we still have water in the hot system, a bucket and a water butt in the garden full of rainwater. It is my problem that the garden is 200m away.

Later in the morning:
Orange juice instead of tea.
The thought of carrying buckets of water – what a lot of effort to just flush the toilet – it would be easier to walk up to the garden and do it there. The idea of an outside toilet becomes preferable, or a dry composting toilet. Especially as sea level rises more. I am reminded that human faeces can be composted like any other animal waste. Urine can be collected and carried up to the compost heap – no smell, no waste, and less hassle. Now regretting eating so much fibre.

Now to figure out fire and heating – to boil water.

Saturday 11am
No shower. No refreshing wake up. Hair a mess.

4.30 pm Saturday
Sat beside coal fire in living room. Chimney needs sweeping.
Have buckets of water in bath ready to flush toilet. Candles and hurricane lantern ready, paraffin topped up. Matches are damp so drying by fire.
Got a gas camping stove from the garden shed and have boiled rain water for washing dishes. Woo hoo. Bottled water to drink. Had first cup of tea mid afternoon – a refreshing Oolong.

I am filled with the urge to do chores, to make things better, to get on top of this new situation. And feel content, knowing have sorted out fire, water, food and shelter. But I keep wanting to tidy and organise, putting things in the right place where they can be found in the dark. It is not fun being lazy. Planning food, what to use first before the fridge is no more (it is now 20 hours since the power went out). There is a strong feeling of calm and control.

I am off to the shop for water – luckily have a £20 note – but need to be frugal as everything counts. The weather is misty and cool, the sun gradually poking through. We are very aware of sound, the crack of the fire, the ferry engine, a passing car, the scratch of my pen on paper – and my stomache rumbling!


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