Either dehydrated or it’s the fish :-(

Sunday morning … groggy

Been dozing for hours, awoken finally by the church bells, played pretty poorly, which amuses me. The sun is shining, the town still. Just an occassional voice of a child or a cat’s meow. Through the night there was a procession of boisterous drunks but now the churches open their doors and the children play. Like night and day.

As for the lack of power, sunlight returns to centre stage. We, like our ancestors are thankful of this and determine to use it.

Again I am shocked by how much water we flush away. And there is an art to pouring a bucket down the toilet. If this situation were to be continuing another day I would be changing to the garden disposal (see yesterday).

I am also very aware of the wonderful washing machine. It is idle whilst we have no electricity but it will surely be one of the first things to use again. I am familiar with washing clothes by hand – from childhood – and do not relish it one bit. We’d certainly wear less clothes if hand washing returned! Fashion would be forgotten.

You realise how lazy one becomes with instant power and water. How indifferent you become to the amount used. No wonder the planet’s ecosystems are struggling under our exploitation, no wonder the planet is heating up.

My motto is “leave it a little better than you find it” but I see our actions, the planet over, is “LIAL worse TYFI”. Lots of little actions wasting away our world.

6 billion people potentially doing that and we have a big problem. Don’t we?

I think we have to regain the common sense frugality that has been part of human life – up until recent times. I’d guess up until about 100 years ago, in Europe. Cheap electricity and petrol comes at a cost. But who cares when it pours out of every tap, is there at the flick of a switch?

We who live on these islands already feel the pinch more than most, with high fuel costs, transport and hence the cost of produce. Not to mention storms and rising sea levels, or the loss of the North Atlantic drift. So, if anyone is to change, who better? It is in our own best interest to be more efficient, frugal, independent. In essence, better housekeepers. I’m sure a lot of you already are but I write of my own experience and for the majority. One home. One planet.

This weekend has been invaluable, in raising my awareness. I hope the lessons learnt will not be forgotten so easily. I hope others will try this too.
You have to experience it to really feel it and become aware.

2 days without a few things – no real hardship at all – still so much better off than many on the planet – so no complaints! But a real eye opener.


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