Game for all the family

Find a use for all your waste for a week!

This game is based upon the concept of Zero Waste and is inspired by such great programmes as Scrap Heap Challenge and its predecessor, The Great Egg Race.

You can think of many uses for a wire coat hanger – that is a fun game in its own right – set a time limit, of say one minute, and challenge everyone to write down as many uses for a wire coat hanger as they can think of. Great for creative thinking! Choose one from the winners (who has the most), or the best overall, it is up to you – then get to and make that “thing”. Keep it as a reminder of your resourcefulness.

Anyway – back to your rubbish:

Nothing is to be thrown away all week – with minor exceptions: All organic food waste goes to the compost, or a neighbours if you have not got one yet. The only things flushed down the toilet are those that should be and any sanitary waste is exempt from this game!

Wash all rubbish, such as plastic contaminated with food or blood, tin cans etc, as you would before recycling. You will learn to appreciate the value of undamaged items and so unwrap more carefully, preserving the qualities inherent within the material (ie a plastic bag without holes can hold water).

Segregate all materials just as you would for recycling – and look at what you’ve got. However, instead of disposing of by recycling or filling a black bin bag – you’ve got to think of uses for the stuff. Be creative! No idea is too crazy, so long as it works and you can make it.

To be consistent with the environmental values of this game you should not buy anything to help make your creations – use only the glues, tape, string, scissors and so on in your household – you may discover some things you had neglected.

At the end of the week, you should have a wierd and hilarious collection of items! Display in a gallery with little labels explaining your wonderful work. Show to your friends.

Next week – go back to chucking all this good stuff away? Or not!

And finally, think of all the uses you can now make of the bin bag saved from a landfil site.

Let us know your bright ideas!!


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