Hungry and Happy

This may seem a bit odd – I may seem a bit odd – but I am in the midst of a fast. And it is for the experience of feeling hunger and living with it, not for religious or health reasons (though it may produce positive spin offs).

It has been a long time since I wrote. Perhaps this is a reflection of how busy I have been, in my head, and now that I am without food I am forced to slow down. At last I find it comfortable to sit at the computer and just write.

So, what am I doing?

Well, on a theme of trying to experience new things, push the comfort zone a tad and understand a bit of how our ancestors felt (and how much of the present human population feel) – I am hungry. It is Sunday afternoon. I last ate Friday afternoon. That is something of a lie, actually, as I have had three apples and a handful of grapes, and lots of water. Also nettle tea. I sip some now, really appreciating the warmth inside.

No real hardship – but I still had to deal with my own demons and resist the nibbles, nuts, oatcakes and all sorts of yummy things around the kitchen. Had to go without. A foreign concept to most of us (me anyway) when it comes to food. Rachel ate fine and I read the paper, trying to ignore the rumbles and aches.

I knew I was in an altered state when the smell of cat food sent pleasant associations to my brain. I could smell the fish and chip shop from far off – and well before others could. The smell from the pork chop in the shopping bag accompanied me all the way home, tormenting me. Ha ha. Now the cats are going crazy, noses in the shopping bag – and I know what they are thinking! Amazing how my sense of smell and probably taste (if I could test it) are more acute. Logical, but still a thought neglected in everyday-land.

My conclusions so far, from this hunger?
Life can be better for it. I feel good; tired and a bit low on energy (surprise!) but otherwise good. This is after all a more natural way of eating for the human. Millions of years of eating practice is altered when we have an endless supply of cheap food, 3 meals a day, every day, on time. But I think our genes are lagging behind again in the evolutionary stakes – and as a consequence ‘we’ eat too much. I will leave it at that for now.

Let me know if any of you have any similar experiences or can shed light on issues of diet and fast. For now, I look forward to my break-fast tomorrow but with an altered sense of values. I feel good.


One response to “Hungry and Happy

  1. I have attempted to fast a few times. A full day with only water..a few days with only juice (from fresh, raw veggies). It is a challenge. The mind fighting the body at times.

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