Monday morning … Back to normal

Last night the experience started to raise tough questions and bring up old memories, so the exercise may sound easy. However, it isn’t. Emotions from childhood resurface. No need to go into details here.

Monday morning … back to normal … but with an appreciation for the simple things and a touch of sadness.

Many thoughts and ideas, things to be changed and a shift of emphasis – no longer taking things for granted. It is very humbling.

In the end we both want to do this again and both now feel a little sad to return to the “21st century”. It has been great – a forced break and yet not without tensions – but it has brought us closer together and made little things special.

The day started with a smile. Music and a shower. Oh, what luxury.
Now, after breakfast we are checking emails, rechilling foods, reboiling the stew for another day and ensuring it hasn’t gone off. The freezer has one bag of vegetables, now a solid lump and one suspect duck.

I do not want to lose sight of the systems I put in place and the order of the kitchen, the simplicity. Technology seems to make me lazy instead of freeing up time to do more constructive things. Television in paricular, for all its excellent programmes, promotes idleness and drift. This weekend has therefor been like a detox, and I feel better for it.

I feel energised, happier and a better person! I feel more responsible and more aware. It may be a passing moment, but we can revisit this any time we want.

For now I must sign off – I have things to do – not must do but want to do. That is an important distinction and it is a good place to be right now. Maybe this is the smartest thing I have ever done?

How lucky I am! Life hasn’t been better.

If turning the water and electricity off for two days does this, I’d recommend it for everyone. Of course, not everyone has my childhood, my love of the outdoors or my fascination with problem solving or stone age technology. But we all may face these very real problems and it is better to be prepared, to better know yourself. And know where the matches are!

I hope, if you have read any of this, it has at the least been a bit interesting.

Take care and don’t take things for granted. Life is wonderful.

Thanks R for everything. Love M.

In answer to questions
– we have no teenagers yet and I can only imagine to difficulty of introducing something like this out of the blue. Not wise. This was radical but we could do it. That is why I wrote the blog – not everyone can do this but everyone can learn from it.

The fridge / freezer is an upright thing, in the kitchen, and it defrosted very quickly. Luckily for us is wasn’t very full.

The other lucky thing was I had a bit of cash in my pocket so allowing us to buy bottled water and catfood. Priorities!!!


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