Sunday afternoon … fish heads

Spent the rest of the morning emptying bins stinking of fish head (what did we eat?)
Gathered more water.

We have 3 categories of water:
1) bottled drinking water
2) rainwater, unfiltered (from the garden water butt / shed roof)
3) garden water (large bucket) open to birds etc. (we have a lot of birds up in the sycamore trees, so the ground is covered in mess. Need a good down pour or a big baked pie!)

The 3rd water is bucketed straight into the toilet. No point trying to clean it.
The 2nd water is good, and boiled for general use, like washing up dishes and hand washing – but no attempt to drink it. It is enough that our thoughts are aware of this.
We bought over 12 litres from the shop. It goes really quickly.

(Last year the water supply was contaminated, resulting in bottled water being provided by the Hydro – so we have some practice in this).

Lunch has been a mix of leftovers – urgently being used up as the fridge is at room temp and the freezer has thawed too, leaving a pool of water across the floor.
The need for refrigeration is now high on the agenda – as is disposing of wrotting food and maintaining hygiene. So, we are eating left over beans, rice and stuff out of the fridge, with added onion, garlic, bacon (bought yesterday, on a whim, and kept cool in lots of newspaper with a bit of ice). Cooked food extra long to ensure the bacteria was killed. An annoying bluebottle is buzzing about – a reminder that food hygiene is no joke.

The bean stew is best kept warm as we cannot chill it – keeping it above the “danger zone” around room temperature, when bugs breed fastest. Now you see the merit of keeping a pot over the fire! But that need for a constant fire means a good and endless supply of fuel. We have a gas cylinder (lucky), then what? The coal fireplace. The barbeque. It would be hard to use up this leftover stuff without these, but possible. Some stuff can be eaten cold but the dodgy stuff in the dridge has been warm a while. Not sure R’s tollerance would reach that far. Not sure many families would be finding this fun right now. This is when time drags and tensions rise.

This morning R was reading holiday brochures and her mood clouded. Restless, trapped, bored. I am thinking how hard just this wee experiment would be for a family. Just two days. It may be easier if there were a real disaster to focus upon but this practice seems futile – or is it just the tension from withdrawl? For anyone thinking of trying this be warned, it is the psychological issues that are hardest.

Before lunch we went for a walk in the sun and ended up on a child’s rope swing. Climbed the tree and chatted.

R reads, as I let the water in the basin cool enough for me to wash up. Maybe I’ll light the fire early – to replace the absence of music?

Now we sip tea! Boiled the camping stove on the coal fire. The ritual of tea and fire making – it is very soothing. It is good to relax as I have been endless tasks – carrying water (nearly half the water is gone from the water butt already. We need to store more, use less and need it to rain. The hot water system is drained – from hand washing, cleaning teeth, I suppose. The urgent need for potable water – and this is only day two!)

Potable water rationing, and there is just the two of us.This is in Scoland – makes you think. Also, I have to create a cooler / chiller by using evaporation. The technology is simple but will it work? And where to find the bits to make it?


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