You’ve got to play to survive

The purpose of this blog is to share some of my “crazy” ideas with people out there.

If you like what you read, join in and make the world a better place.

My thinking is based upon a simple philosophy:

1) The quality of life for humans should be better and life on this planet is endangered

2) Things will get rapidly worse if we continue the economic and political ways dominating global resource use

3) Humans act in their own self interest and will thus need to feel the benefits to sustain actions

4) The goal is happiness, health and self actualisation – ie “quality of life”

5) It feels good to make the world a better place, so we should aim to “leave it a little better than we find it”

6) There is no proof of any other life, god or help from outside this planet – there is only life and this one great planet

7) Humans have been making a mess for a long time but until recently the planet has been able to absorb or hide this mess – and ‘we’ have been able to relocate to new regions but, now we have run out of new places and the world as we know it is in serious, serious risk of collapse

8) I remain optimistic

9) No one wlll do it for us – no parents or government or gods – we have to take responsibility and act now

10) You’ve got to discover happiness inside and not seek it in materials, status or wealth

11) Advertising is lies

12) Play is fundamental to creativity and the highest functions of the human brain

13) The only realistic hope of avoiding a mega-disaster is for humans to change how they behave, en mass

14) Survival, ie living with a reasonable quality of life, is fundamental.


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