The Big Global War Economy

The Big Global War Economy. *source –

Wars fuel the global economy – creating demand for weapons through instability, fear and defense. Weapons sales and support services are a major income for the G19 (G20 when you include China) industrial countries of the world.

Before you switch off and say, so what, consider this: The populations of these countries depend upon this industry for their standard of living, their very jobs or the ‘multiplier effect’ of this money in the economy, sloshing around. It is our wealth, comfort and leisure (cars, foods, beer, clothes, holidays …) that is paid for by death. Once it was slavery and empire, now it is wars – and global warming is going to fuel this as finite resources and their unequal distribution amongst regions and nation states are exacerbated by ‘disappearing’ drinking water, fuel, food.

Who are the top 100 Weapon Manufacturing Companies in the world? *
Which countries are they from?
I am not typing it all out here – just go to

Is your country one of them?
The following is a list of the countries and the number of weapons manufacturers they have in the top 100 (2006 data).
Australia 2
Brazil 1
Canada 1
France 5
Germany 5
India 2
Israel 4
Italy 2
Japan 7
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Russia 9
Singapore 1
S. Korea 1
Spain 2
Sweden 2
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 10
USA 43

(Bold shows members of the G8, which also includes European Union)

The top 10 earning companies globally, for war related industries:
Lockhead Martin (USA)
Northrop Grumman (USA)
BAE Systems (UK)
General Dynamics (USA)
EADS (Ger/Fra)
Thales (Fra)

China and other nations manufacturing for their own defence will not be represented.

This is the reality of our world.

Please, don’t shoot the messenger!


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