Oil hits £1.40 a litre in my part of the world (that’s $14)

Saturday afternoon, drove the 15 miles into town, for the library, groceries and delivering paperwork.

Stopped at the garage to put some diesel in the car, and get this, I was relieved to find the price of diesel at the pump had not risen above £1.40 a litre but for how long? It can only continue rising as this finite resource is in ever more demand, with a growing global appetite for it. We could soon be up shit creak without a means to propel ourselves.

For anyone actually reading this blog (thanks) let me explain. There are 5 litres in a gallon, and approx two dollars ($) to each pound, so multiply the 1.40 by 10 and you get an equivalent price per gallon in the USA.

So, in the USA, yu’d be paying $14 a gallon! And rising. The food you buy will be transported by trucks, paying this, so food goes up in price. The plastics food is wrapped in is made of oil, as is the fertilizers that push the goody foods out of the soil, and so it goes on.

Imagine being addicted to heroin and the supply drying up as a big wave of new users come on tap in China, India and so on. The price goes up. The oil barons and corporations rub their hands with glee, delighting in the fact that they claim to own the land above the oil reserves. Valuable stuff! Almost worth fighting over. Oh yeah, done that.

So, with us all addicted to our cars, if not our house heating and plastic bags and fertilizers, I guess we can kiss goodbye to the last protected places on the planet. Bye bye Alaska, Antarctica and all you beautiful ecosystems, we need oil. We’ll do any shit to get it.

Just what is going to happen when we find the water supplies dry up, I cannot imagine but I’ll find out, if I live a few more years, which I very much intend to do.

Survive – that is all we can do. How? What to do? It all starts with the first step. So, read on …


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