What to do with my life? Family exit plan!

What to do with my life?

This is the big question. What can I do to save the planet? Why am I here? What if I didn’t exist? What is the point of going on? What is life? What is my purpose? And so on. These are not my specific questions but instead often heard or interpreted questions I think we are mostly concerned with. Many of us can see, or rather sense the world is in trouble, life as we like it on Earth is in trouble. Clearly something is profoundly wrong and we can see many people have been trying to change this for the past 40 or so years. Yet it is still getting worse and at a faster and faster rate. The ice is melting faster than predicted, food is becoming scarce, wars are being conducted for oil and resources, corporations are patenting the building blocks of life and forcing a dependency upon their own brand of genetically mutated seeds and associated pesticides. There seems to be few who are not depressed, stressed and / or drugged up on legal and prescribed drugs. Not just the sugar, coffee and alcohol addictions I see every day but a whole chemists full of anti-biotics and mood enahncers and I don’t know what. Yeah, we know much is wrong. We can, as I say, sense it.

What can I do?

Well, I have been trying to figure this one question out for the past 20 or so years, in the face of much activism and yet little apparent change, and that is being optimistic. For me, it boils down to a few truths:

Firstly – People in my society will not sustain an action unless it is good for them. For their self. So giving up something or sacrifice is a poor motivator. So the benefits must outway the sacrifice or loss. OK, I can answer that one.

Secondly – People need some way to make sense of all this in their heads, some sort of order and clarity, yet no-one seems to know what to do first, and no-one is giving directions. There doesn’t seem to be a clear plan, so millions of us, who want to “do good” and help our world survive are “lost” and sort of waiting to be told what to do. The problems seem so huge, so insurmountable, that it is tempting to ‘bury heads in the sand’ and ignore the problem. It never goes away though, we cannot escape it, so unless we choose to be forever absent mentally, through drugs and alcohol (popular), we eventually have to face up to it all again.

This is what we do – oscillate back and forth between reality and escapism, consciousness and switching off. Underlying it all, we know it cannot go on like this as this is so depressing and is sapping our life energy now. We need to make it better now. So, what, how can this be sorted? This is my honest suggestion, without explaining the details:

Turn off the television. Completely. Cook some healthy food and sit down to eat this together, as a family or group of friends. Get a game, and play. Get a ball and play catch.

Avoid advertising at all costs. Refuse to watch television adverts, ignore adverts in magazines and on billboards. Anything that you see advertised, avoid buying. Note the pressure of image and celebrity, conformity and afflueza.

If you find doing the above difficult or stressful, then you have a big clue to why you cannot move forward and sort life out. Life is too chaotic, stressful and subject to external issues. If you cannot do this, write to me and I’ll talk it over with you.

If you cannot do anything else – stop watching television adverts! You have a remote, so make it into a game and ensure you do not hear the advert and avoid looking at the screen too! This one thing will make the biggest single change to your life!!!

If you cannot comfortably cook a meal, from raw ingredients, do your best and ensure you sit down to eat together!!! This is important. Talk to each other as you eat. Learn to talk!

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