Feeling Good – No Sugar, No Caffeine, No Alcohol, No Bread, No Dairy

Today is day two of our 30 day long diet.

I neglected to write up before what this is all about – but first, what is not allowed:

  • No dairy, so no milk or cheese but butter is ok
  • No caffeine, so no coffee or tea etc
  • No sugar, so lots of crying, and sadly fruit is out, as are juices
  • No yeasts, so no bread, no wheat, etc
  • And lots of other things, too boring to mention; salt, alcohol, oats (my staple!), root veg. all sorts.

This is actually quite easy for me to do because I have done various fasts and such like many times – for the experience, and it is always good. For years I have not had any coffee, sugar or alcohol (excepting natural sugars in fruit). So I am already a freak!

Malcolm smiling

Malcolm smiling

How do we feel? Me: Slightly hungry but energised and in good spirits. Rachel: You will have to ask her, but she is the one going through withdrawl and wanting bread. It for her mostly that we are doing this – I am supporting and in the process eating less, exercising more and having fun, learning etc. No breakfast cereal, no pizza, no cheese, no cookies. That is a lot of powerful chemicals now being denied. Good for her!

Day One: Morning began with a glass of water followed by an hour of yoga. Then a walk for an hour.

  • Then some pineapple.
  • Lunch was a prawn, onion and broccoli stir fry, with lots of garlic
  • Dinner was chicken with leeks and cabbage.
  • Snacks in between were a few raw hazel nuts. I had a cup of Rooibos tea (healthy and no caffeine) and a glass of water with lemon. I also had chives, basel and rocket out of the garden.

(All fresh ingredients)

Day Two:

Starting to ‘detox’? (I just made a dash to the toilet at 3pm). The day being sunny began bright (at 4.30am), with a good walk (9am), which was supposed to be an hour but lasted three, due in part to calling in on a neighbour and friend, for an hour.

  • Drinking water, with lemon but avoiding drinking during or an hour after eating.
  • Breakfast was thus delayed until we returned from our walk. Eggs (three) cooked in olive oil. Ohhhh so tasty – like I’d just raided the nest (in hunter gatherer mode!). We eat organic, free range chicken eggs and should have our own hens laying but there is a problem to be explained another time.
  • Lunch was millet, toasted then boiled, with courgette, chives, garlic and basel – oh and a bit of oliveoil and butter. It was an hour after teating this that I began to write this up and suddenly became aware of slight discomfort on my abdomen. Ahh, as I say, all good learning experiences!

These notes will continue (for my benefit but anyone can read, if interested) as the days progress. I’m not very preacticed in writing a diary – or log – so my apologies.

Rachel discovering Orkney

Rachel discovering Orkney

Why are we doing this?

Rachel is trying to see if going without yeast and sugars / wheat etc (that feed yeasts in the gut) and dairy etc etc improves our health. We have read a lot and wanted to give this a try, and figure it will be a period of discovery and learning, no matter what.

To voluntarily go without is an interesting discipline in our western, affluent society – yet it feels so good, when you do it!!! ‘Less is more‘, so to speak. Or ‘you can have too much of a good thing‘, is another way of saying it. ‘We’ have it all in bucket loads, so society is full of bloated people, diseases of excess with our bodies from heart to pancreas to liver all suffering. Fatty deposits piling up around our waists and thighs. Poor skin, lethargy, depression, etc etc. From our heads to our feet we are struggling due to abuse and overconsumption. So, we are going without. It is easy to say it – a lot harder to do it! Especially if society is full of adverts for foods, if the shops only sell foods packed with sugar, salt, wheat and dairy, if all the people you know are drinking coffee, alcohol, tea. When chocolate is ‘your friend’. It is lonely to go your own way, to be different – so psychologically this is a big task, made harder because the chemicals that become addictive, such as sugar and caffeine are so influential on our moods and emotions.

So, this is day two part way through. More later.


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More about Malcolm and Rachel on the Five Senses website


16 responses to “Feeling Good – No Sugar, No Caffeine, No Alcohol, No Bread, No Dairy

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  4. Hello,

    I, too, decided to give up sugar and caffeine for Lent (which started on Feb. 24). I have previously done juice fasts, but this is the first time that I have given up sugar AND caffeine together (I love to drink black teas with lots of sugar, and I have a big sweet tooth). I am in day 6 of my detox and it is not as bad as I have read, although my minor headaches are now over. I am not sleeping as well as I wanted for the past two nights. I am also blogging about my experiences.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello, I’m searching for diet related blogs like mine http://www.chiefdietician.com and I stumbled your site, nice blog!. I hope you could also include me in your blogroll.

    By the way, you have a very good writing skills here. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for letting me in here. I just want to let everybody know that I have published a diet recipe about the quickest way to lose weight. Feel free to check it and just leave a comment here on how effective it will be.

  7. I had a back injury, and to halt the inflammation I wqas put on a diet of no sugar, caffene, dairy, alcohol, wheat, soy, tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables, bell peppers, beef, pork, gluten of any kind, peanuts, or processed foods.
    Mostly I have brown rice, and berries, leafy greens, some nuts, grapes, eggs, water, decaff green tea, almond and rice milk (unsweetened), feta cheese and goat cheese. I’ve been on it almost a month and a half, lost 10 lbs, and feel great.

  8. Wow, this is a great find. I was just told I am dairy intolerant. O.K. I get it . On top of that I can not eat sugar with grains. So now I’m not sure if I find a bread without sugar do I then have to make sure it has no dairy in it? Help, any ideas?

  9. Hey there,
    It’s so lovely to find a site as useful as this one! I am 20 years old and intolerant to sugar and wheat. In about April of this year my reactions to both suddenly spiked to such an extent that I realised I had to give them up completely – the consequences are just not worth it! As you said, it is a psychological thing to a large degree, a real battle of the mind!!! I have my good weeks and my bad ones, especially when all my friends can happily eat anything they want. My mom and brother also can’t have sugar due to a disease called Rikketsia. It took my mom 8 years to discover what it was, so it was a long process. She can’t have wheat or dairy either as she suffers terribly from all. My brother has it slightly easier, but still it has been hard to see him ill. His Rikettsia was diagnosed at the beginning of last year (I think it was), and besides it’s own symptoms, the giving up of sugar was hard for him, especially as he loved to drink when he went out (and as the socialite he is that was a lot:P)! I’m not sure if my intolerance is related to the disease – but when I’m ready I’ll check it out. The fact is that I’m still unable to have either sugar or wheat. There are those hard days, when you just want to give in – don’t pretend they won’t come! But if you have people around you who support you in giving up a food, voluntarily or involuntarily, it makes the world of difference. Sites like this help too. It can be hard when it feels like you’re doing this alone, and it is encouraging to find that other people have also given up certain foods too. I love the food diary of what you ate – it’s great to get different ideas – especially for those frustrating days when it feels like you can eat nothing!! I wish everyone the best in their diets, thank you for the blog and everyone who responded, God bless:)

  10. hello sir…i have some questions…i am 17 and a wrestler…the weight limit is 285 and for some reason i cant get below 287…its so hard to eat healthy with all this bad stuff around…what should i do?

  11. I am doing the same thing… But I am able to eat breads with no yeast, sugar, bla, bla like spelt or Kamuit… I have organic brown rice tortillas that are awesome too. Grapefruits and organic green apples are ok. And if u are dairy tolerant u should be able to have goat cheese. Super good with the green apple.

    Best book ever: The Gut Connection

  12. It is so good to find this! I have been living without sugar, wheat flour, dairy, chemicals, coffee, and soy for most of my life. My kids eat this way, too, and I know it is hard for them to fit in. Does anyone know of a group out there that they could find friends like them? They feel so alone, and i am tired of having them feel dissapointed that there is noone out there like them. All of their friends hate our food, or take one polite bite and let the rest of the expensive whatever-it-is sit on the plate or in the cup (I started just serving her friends regular stuff after being burned too many times!) No one seems to eat vegetables or protien, it’s ALL junk. It’s so hard to watch today’s youth and their terrible diets. Anyone who knows of a group, please let me know. I may start one, if there is nothing out there 🙂 Thanks!

  13. I went of coffee 3 months ago, then tea and chocolate and cocoa 2 weeks ago. ( was having desert spoons full of cocoa with lots of raw sugar and full, full, full cream milk) 2 weeks ago, as I was desperate to stay married and stop yelling at my husband. mum says that she likes me more now, and husband has started to listen to me instead of tuning me out (thus most of the yelling…).
    I am still enormously bloated and fat. so went off wheat, and trying hard to come off milk, which is even harder than coming off sugar, ow, ow, ow ow.. that is painful too. but I have started to go for walks and while on them, deciding to go further and longer, which is very strange for me. I still have iron every so often or else I go to pale and uninteresting, and magnesium, which helps. it helps to read up on the anti sugar, wheat and milk sites. and I dismiss the usual party line paid by food company’s articles. doctors bury their mistakes, and I have outlived a lot of people…this is not a one off, temporary cleanse. I have been going through a grieving stage, tears, even, leaving my drugs, but they are drugs…
    all the best to everyone’s cleansing endeavours.

  14. opzotzp dihnqg cknaosjrj

  15. I was on a very strict Fibromyalgia diet for 1 year. No yeast,no alcohol,white flour,soda,dairy,bread,sugar,sweets, and so much more. I did it to reduce inflammation. I felt so much better and lost a lot of weight.I was very small but didn’t mind getting back into the size of my 20 yr old self. I still eat mostly a plant based diet .

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