Day Three – Hunger Starts to Bite

Hmm, now we are feeling it!

Last night, day 2, we had salmon and some green veg. It wasn’t enough and my stomach felt empty all evening. Munched a few seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) and drank plenty of water. It wasn’t helped by the salmon not being good. Still, we slept well. 🙂

Day Three

Woke bright, to more sunshine, so downed a glass of water and set off on our walk. Found one of our cats so had to return her to the house (they follow us everywhere and we don’t want them getting familiar with the road). Set off second time and found our second cat, so had to repeat the process but first cat had in the mean time escaped. Set off on walk just as the clouds rolled in and hid the sun – it was never the less a good walk, shorter than yesterday but did the trick.

Lungs cleared out and sense of smell very acute this morning. Noticed yesterday my breathing has gotten better, probably due to not having dairy. (Ohh but the cows milk is exceptionally good here on Orkney!) The feeling of freedom and strength that comes from an easy night’s sleep and clear nasal passage is wonderful.

  • Breakfast was very meagre, as Rachel was having Quinoa but there wasn’t enough for me, so our diets diverged. I had potatoes (in skins) and tomatoes in olive oil, with chives – a sort of late brunch. Was ok and saved the food going to waste. I felt I needed some calories to get my brain focused, for work (at computer). I should point out – the quantities – I had 2 small potatoes and two average size tomatoes, golf ball size.
  • Lunch has been mainly for Rachel: Prawn stir fry, with cabbage, cashew, sesame, onion, garlic. It was tasty, the bit I had but is obviously not containing the “missing” foods, so leaves Rachel with an empty feeling, not craving bread but feeling unsatisfied. For me 3 prawns and a couple of chopsticks worth of cabbage wasn’t much.

Mowed the lawn afterwards but have rested at the computer the past two hours – now going out for a walk, I think.

Rachel is now developing cravings … well into day three … as expected. I feel bright and chipper. Not bad for such a reduced calorific intake. Head feels clear, alert with only the mildest of ‘aches’. Rachel is probably soon to be at her lowest. (At least I hope it gets easier by day 5 but who knows? Who has done this before?).

I have made a lentil soup for supper – and there is a bit of tuna defrosted – so we’ll see what is palatable.

Tomorrow we go food shopping which will be interesting to say the least!!!

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