Day 4 and a taste revolution!


Today is full of good flavours, a delight after 3 days of dullness. Yoga first thing, as it was raining. Felt it in my muscles since spent time last night playing ‘catch’ or goalkeeper … great fun and good flow. More about flow later!

  • Breakfast: Apple followed by Millet with Almonds
  • Lunch: Lentil Soup (from yesterday) and the treat … 2 ricecakes with cashew butter. Woo hoo.

Yes, we have been shopping – lots of veggies, and the above treat.

Yesterday was full of garlic due to the homemade houmous / hummus and some lentil soup. Certainly it is good to have food of “substance”, such as the cashew butter or hummus – gives you something to work on.

Had a good shower and body scrub, hopefully removing some toxins and garlic smell and stimulating the lymph system.

As I type I am munching spinach leaves (raw) and earlier today I had a cup of rooibos tea. Check it out – wonderful stuff.

Tonight we are off out to dinner, hoping for trout and rice but will see what our wonderful hosts come up with.

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