Day 5 – still no caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, yeast …

Things are going great! We are today feeling the best so far and still no caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, yeast … etc

Day 5 began with a glass of water with lemon juice, then we went outside into the garden but rain drove us indoors. Did the usual 50 minute yoga and it felt good today … getting the feel of it and posture and breathing are starting to feel good.

No aches, headache or stomach, and starting to feel stronger, more alive, fitter. Somewhat dismayed to find waistline is not reducing – but early days.

  • After yoga we had breakfast – a slice of mango. Ummmm, so tasty.
  • At midday we had 2 ricecakes each, with houmous on top. Delicious!

I then took the cats for a walk along the beach and since they are not designed for plodding, it took an hour. Was good to step from stone to stone, in irregular steps – felt like more yoga moves. Felt good.

Returned cats home (they were totally exhausted) and I drank water before heading out on my own ‘real’ walk, exploring the new territory, making new routes. So crossed a few farm fields, made a stile to cross a barbed wire fence (using stones) and found an old ruin, then a beautiful meandering stream, brown with the peat from the upland. Lots of bog cotton nearly ready to harvest.

  • Had a banana and water when I got in.
  • It was therefor a late lunch, at 3pm.

Had tuna, spinach and courgette stir fry, with the usual caramelised onion and garlic (4 cloves). Tasty!

Now it is raining, so the game of catch will be on hold, sadly. So, back to work.

  • Last night our friends did a great meal – as mentioned – trout and salmon, with rice and a mixed salad. Very tasty. Such kind people – thanks!!!

Feel excellent!!! Rachel is doing great too, so all is good.

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3 responses to “Day 5 – still no caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, yeast …

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  2. Sorry mister, but when you are eating fruits and bananas, they’re full of sugars…

    So I would include no fruit in this if you really want to go without sugar…

  3. i think he was probably talking about man made sugar not natures sugar.

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