Car Share, Lift share, Hitch-hiking, Place to stay, Freeconomy, Couchsurfing Websites in UK

The following websites allow you to share rides with others – save costs, save fuel, meet people and share conversations, get help navigating, do some good for someone! Drivers and passengers join up! Share tools, skills, places … help others and others will help you 🙂

In theory these could allow you to travel and stay places for no monetary cost – though you should be sharing the cost of the fuel and in homes you should be helping out, cooking and cleaning to help your hosts. Look into barter and other ways to contribute without costing the Earth.

Also consider cheaper hostel accommodation – some of which are fantastic and very clean and wonderful – some are less inspiring but the whole sector is inspected nowadays so only the odd dodgy place in a city lives up to the hostel name – think more of a self catering hotel, for under £15 a night!

I hope this helps! For specific advice about places to visit, and reviews try:

Finally, for cheap travel in UK:

for starters!

Have a good trip, stay safe, explore and learn.


3 responses to “Car Share, Lift share, Hitch-hiking, Place to stay, Freeconomy, Couchsurfing Websites in UK

  1. Hey Guys, check out the only ‘not for profit’ social networking car share site x

  2. Thanks for the hostel booking site list. You might want to checkout I just started a beta version for this site 3 weeks ago. All hostels from Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and Hostelsclub on 1 site.

    Happy travels

  3. Hello – I just stumbled on your blog and couldn’t resist saying hello. We launched the world’s first neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service in April and now have cars available all over the UK. is a car club but we own no fleet so don’t need to add any more cars to the road. Take a look – would love to get your feedback. Thanks. Tom

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