Losing track, day 6 of diet, I think …

OK – yesterday finished off with chicken and cabbage but it tasted bland. Even eggplant with it couldn’t improve our spirits. Watched Super High Me on film. Slept well but woke late.

Friday (day 6), a late start. Water with lemon. Walked for an hour or so, with some stretching because of yesterday’ s games.

  • Water is all I’ve drunk for days now
  • Breakfast was a banana and a mouthful of mango
  • Lunch was 2 ricecakes with houmous
  • Snacked on a bit of smoked salmon and another ricecake, and a few walnuts
  • Supper has been 3 bowls of lentil soup, made with chicken stock, onion and carrot.

Late snack is about to be a big mouthful of alfalfa sprouts I have been growing!

That’s all.

Still no hint of sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, alcohol, chocolate, etc.

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