Day 7 of the diet …

… still avoiding all the bad things – sugar, wheat, dairy, salt, alcohol, yeast – well I think so. It gets a bit boring but for the record, last night I had millet with courgette and walnut. Quite tasty.

Today, Day 7:

  • Banana for breakfast followed by yoga
  • Snacked on 2 rice cakes with houmous and alfalfa, plus celery and tomato.
  • Late afternoon we returned home hungry and had 2 more rice cakes with cashew butter, and a little lentil soup with salad leaves.
  • This evening we had a prawn stir fry, with broccoli , onion, garlic, cauliflower, cashew and one egg. Used olive oil and a little sesame oil. But still I felt empty and have just had another rice cake, with houmous and alfalfa, and bran fibre with a little natural yoghurt.

So, it seems I may be avoiding certain foods, and gradually reintroducing some but in terms of the quantity I cannot call this a diet in that I am again eating a lot. Seven days and I am losing the will power to overcome hunger. Feel a bit low and in need of a good walk! Watched rubbish films instead and generally lazy. Tomorrow I have to work all day, so I will need to make effort to get back on track.

This I think is in part because today it was cool and rained, we did not go for a walk other brisk exercise outside – and had work to do that interupted the day. I will try hard to tomorrow eat less and exercise more, because I am worth it.

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