An interesting day (8) as Rachel reacts to some food

So, today we reintroduced a little of the foods we often eat, including tomato and oats. We are not sure of the cause but Rachel’s face is red and she is restless, her mood altered – and we suspect the food for we cannot think what else.

We are about to do some yoga – which couldn’t be done this morning because I had work to do (on a Sunday!) teaching fire making (by friction – see other posts on this blog). The weather is mixed but enough to deter going out for a walk as now the rain and wind make us huddle indoors. We could walk but Rachel hates the cold and damp conditions.

  • Breakfast was a banana and rooibos tea. Rachel had mango.
  • lunch was a vegetable stew Rachel made, with the usual rice cakes and last houmous and some alfafa.
  • teatime snack was a banana, followed by a tasty treat: natural yoghurt with vanilla, walnut, popped rice and linseeds.
  • supper was the vegetable stew again but with tomato and oatmeal thickening it.
  • I have also just nibbled a few almonds (and felt much more satified afterwards).

So, we need to analyse what was in the veg stew, and maybe the yoghurt (all home made) and see what, if it is food, is causing the reaction. The list of possible culprits for her include:

  • tomato puree
  • oatmeal
  • butternut squash
  • orange pepper (capsicum)
  • vanilla escence (unlikely)
  • linseed (unlikely)
  • yoghurt (unlikely)

I am feeling good, a little bloated and fancying a nice cup of tea or an apple or something with fibre. Last night I had a few handfuls of fibre to help move things along, as I like to go every day – but I guess, if you eat less, you poo less. You also spend less! I see excess fat as money wasted! Or maybe waisted.


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