Munching Almonds on day 9 of diet

Hey – day 9 and feeling good, not missing tea or caffeine, dairy, or wheat or even oats, let alone the other stuff which I have not had for years, like sugar or alcohol! Today has been a blast – yoga and really energetic football!

Today I had simple food:

  • breakfast was a banana
  • then we did a good yoga session before going shopping
  • returned and had smoked salmon for lunch, with tomato and lettuce leaf
  • played football and worked up a great sweat, and hunger
  • had 2 rice cakes – plain – and needed the energy!
  • supper was a small portion of lamb with broccoli and avacado and celery
  • now munching a handful of almonds

only drunk water – or water with lemon all day. Feeling good!

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