Days 10 and 11 of diet (spotted a whale though!)

So, the diet is now in a boring phase – however, I spotted a whale last night when I was on the cliff tops (Yesnaby, west Mainland, Orkney). Also got really really close to lots of seals, some only 10 feet away. Beautiful.

The weather has been warm with a southerly airflow, so mild but breezy. Good for sitting outdoors, whether playing with the cats, watching Oystercatchers fight and flirt, or the marine mammals. Now need to visit the puffins and spot an otter, to complete the season.

Anyway, food:

Day 10

  • banana
  • 2 boiled eggs, smoked salmon and salad
  • 2 rice cakes with cheese (first cheese for nearly two weeks)
  • figs, tomato, banana, walnuts, corn (tinned, without sugar)

Day 11

  • pineapple, alfafa sprouts
  • hot smoked salmon, cheese, oatcakes, lettuce, tomato, lentil soup (with guests)
  • haddock, alfalfa
  • mango, banana, raspberries
  • packet of crisps (end of work)

Day 12 is like a rest day, after a couple of hours work and cleaning the house, I am now sipping rooibos and reading.

so far today I have had – mango, 2 rice cakes, rest of the lentil soup, cheese (farmhouse) and another tomato and lettuce.

Missed out on yoga yesterday, only doing a shortened version of stretches and poses, for 10 minutes. Not done yoga today yet either! Will do. The rain has started, so will stay in and relax! Make a fire kit for Bob.

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