Days 12 – 15 (Alfalfa Sprouts) Diet continues on my own

The days have been good, I have felt continually strong and awake, but with Rachel being away I have had less inclination to cook, hence the large number of Alfalfa sprouts I have been eating.

Orkney Moorland by our House

Orkney Moorland by our House

The diet continued but I was either too busy or bored writing this up – so here is a condensed summary:

Day 12

Is like a rest day, after a couple of hours work and cleaning the house, I am now sipping rooibos tea and reading. Today I have had –

  • mango
  • 2 rice cakes, rest of the lentil soup, cheese (farmhouse) and another tomato and lettuce.
  • haddock, alfalfa, lettuce
  • apple

(The cheese yesterday and today breaks the diet of no dairy but it is no big deal as the reason for cutting out dairy was – Rachel: yeast Me: fats. It was the right thing to eat in the circumstances, though too salty now).

Missed out on yoga yesterday, only doing a shortened version of stretches and poses, for 10 minutes. Not done yoga today yet either! Will do. The rain has started, so will stay in and relax! Make a fire kit for Bob.

Day 13

My notes say:

  • banana and kiwi
  • salmon and leeks
  • yoghurt (natural) with raspberries, almonds
  • tuna, sweetcorn and alfalfa

Got a walk and yoga in and worked.

Day 14

  • alfalfa before yoga. Felt good!
  • banana
  • tuna, mayo and alfalfa, again!
  • pork chops with more alfalfa – some day.
  • a few mixed nuts

I read once a guys belief that you could live long term on only sprouted alfalfa seeds – and though I haven’t tried it, I’m getting closer. In his case, he carried it in his rucksack, sprouting in a jar in the warm dark of his pack. He refreshed it in mountain streams and kept a steady production going – for an estimated cost of 18 pence per day – back in 80’s money. It stuck in my head. Perhaps the internet will reveal who he is and how he got on?

Day 15

Rachel is home. We did a good yoga session but after the porridge.

  • porridge, with linseed and sunflower seed – the first in two weeks.
  • 1 rice cake with houmous and alfalfa
  • white fish in dill and oil marinade, pan fried with leeks, alfalfa and broccoli
  • another rice cake with houmous, 2 actually, and no sprouts!
  • snacked on a few cashew nuts (salted)
  • just had hot water and lemon – nice to have lemons again.

Still only drinking water. This diet is saving lots of money – and thus transportation fuel and plastic wrapping, let alone helping us feel more energised and slimmer.

Tesco is now open up here – a new store replacing Somerfield, who replaced Morrison who bought it from Safeway. All in three years. There is also a Lidl that opened last year, plus the Coop. Whilst I will not have a total ban on shopping in the big market – Tesco – it will be a rare thing and will have to be when the item cannot be found more locally, in family run stores, is grown close to here, is not wrapped in plastic, and I am more positively disposed to the whole Tesco family – who were corrupt and supported Thatcher and I am finding it beyond me to forget this. We use the Coop.

See later posts about Orkney Zero Waste.

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