The Diet: days 16-18 – Expanding range but not waistline

Malcolm and cows on a walk

Malcolm eyes cows on a walk - are they food?

The last 3 days we’ve eaten more as we work to beat the 3rd week demons trying to get us to slip – “yeah, you’ve proved you can go without, so why not have a treat?“, as my metabolism realises I am losing weight.

Fresh air walking Orkney beach

Fresh air walking Orkney beach

Day 16

  • yoga and a walk
  • banana
  • alfalfa, egg and bacon – woo hoo
  • houmous and 2 rice cakes
  • natural yoghurt with bran fibre, linseed and walnut
  • lentils, rice, salmon, houmous, leek, peas, onion, garlic, cashew nuts, aubergine
  • snacked on salted cashew nuts

Day 17

  • yoga, then ‘catch’ in the afternoon – diving all over the grass
  • mango and banana
  • leftover houmous, rice and lentils, with alfalfa
  • 2 rice cakes
  • 2 lamb chops, green beans
  • yoghurt, raspberries and an apple

Day 18

  • walk up hill, later played energetic catch / goalkeeping
  • mango then porridge
  • smoked salmon, bit of leftover rice and lentils with houmous
  • prawn stir fry – green onion, egg, onion, garlic, cabbage, peas, sunflower and sesame seeds

Noticed my tongue was a bit furry – maybe due to dehydration or maybe something I have eaten – so need to watch what happens – since I have reintroduced many foods. Cleaned teeth but I never scrape the tongue – don’t normally have to – Rachel does though.

Not eaten any processed food, fast food, sugar, alcohol, bread, milk, caffeine in the last 18 days – and the only dairy has been some farmhouse cheese and some natural yoghurt – but never the less I cannot get complacent – my body is having to adjust but after years of eating more than this it now is playing tricks on me – craving large portions of meat and classic roasts, pies and pastries and indian curries – but no way!

It takes real will power to keep going 🙂

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