Environmental action at home – the challenge and the fun!

A couple of good blog posts to watch, for everyone trying to take action in their own lives, for planet, people and pocket:

If you find these interesting, and have not seen my posts, you might like to read a few where I have family games and challenges to try out similar ideas – and how to make it fun, not a sacrifice. Many of us are working on these issues – it is good to be aware of some of you. Orkney has it’s own Zero Waste project – for the whole population (19,000) of the Orkney Islands, in Scotland.

What, no pictures? πŸ™‚


One response to “Environmental action at home – the challenge and the fun!

  1. Hey πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the mention of our site! I’m thrilled that you’re following our progress a little and really inspired by the games and challenges you’ve been doing yourselves.

    I love the idea of one minute to think up as many uses as you can for a regular household object – my seven year old will love that idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration and well done with your dietary changes; you’re doing really well πŸ™‚

    Best to you and yours,
    Mrs Green

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