I live in the safest place in the UK, apparently

Orkney is officially the safest place in the UK

… with newly released police figures showing that crime is down by 29% for the first quarter of 2008 and detection rates are up to 90%. [Reported in Orkney Today]

Community Garden in St Margaret's Hope, Orkney

Community Garden in St Margaret's Hope, Orkney

We are still the safest place in the UK,” said Detective Sergeant Bob McKenzie, Acting Inspector for Orkney.
We’ve got the lowest crime and the best detection rates in the UK. We are very pleased.”

He put the low figures down to extra police officers on the streets and on Orkney’s geography.

We have more officers out patrolling on foot,” said DS McKenzie. “This gives a visible police presence, which we will be continuing.
Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles have always had fairly low crime rates and high detection rates. Being an island tends to protect us. People can’t disappear off the radar here as readily as someone on the mainland could get away.”

~ ~ ~

Isn’t that great?! So good to live in a place where you can leave your house unlocked, a woman or child can walk the streets without threat, and people look out for each other.

Mind you, the down side is the cost of travel to leave the islands and go to the cities – but personally I’d rather live where it is safe and the air is clean than live near the city and car fumes, door locks and looking over your shoulder. Friends of ours live in Edinburgh and describe a journey to the local shop involving 7 locks … flat, front door, shed, bicycle, gate, etc … what a waste of time!


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