NHS Dentist – At long last

Today I celebrate being registered with the local NHS dental practice – now my teeth can be repaired and cared for. I am so happy!

A few months ago one of my molars broke as I chomped away – a big piece of a tooth – I was so sad, like part of me had died. Silly, I know, but I care for my teeth. I eat no sugar, brush regularly and so on. I am trying to care for myself – but the damage was already done in early youth, soon after these teeth appeared. The dentist I had then relished drilling into the new teeth as if hunting for gold (I think of him as a nazi, if he ever reads this i hope he is shamed and apologises – my teeth paid for his alcohol). So, for the last 25 – 30 years I have been carrying these old, metal fillings in my mouth, slowely leaching toxins into my brain, probably. This might go some way to explaining some excentricities. That and the lead water pipes of my youth.

The broken tooth left a nasty, sharp edge that grated on my tongue every time I swallowed, until it was raw and uncomfortable. Of course, I could not leave it alone, and my mood clouded over like a storm. Thankfully, this qualified as emergency treatment so I got an appointment at the local dental surgery, that week. A temporary filling was put in and I have been waiting for the Autumn to get a permanent filling put in.

Last weekend, I was eating popcorn (home made in a pan, a touch of butter and a big smile on my face) when suddenly I noticed a ‘hole’ in that tooth. Whatever had come out was not in my mouth so must have been swallowed. So, more red raw tongue and a wait for another emergency appointment. That was this morning.

The temporary filling has been replaced. I am smiling. My other teeth have been looked at and I have 3 more appoinments, this autumn, to replace some of the old fillings, clean me up, and I feel so happy. I could not afford to have this done at a private clinic – but now, once again, the NHS and my Polish dentist has come t omy rescue.

Doesn’t this make good sense? I am trying to eat healthy food and a big part of that is chewing the food – and eating food that neeeds chewing – vegetables and home cooked meals (not sloppy ready made meals that resemble pureed baby food – for that is how I see adults who eat that stuff – big babies). So, to keep body and mind healthy, eating good food is one of the first defences, preventative medicine, you could say. It goes along side the exercise, the yoga and avoiding alcohol, sugar, salt etc etc …

Trying to help the NHS by not becoming a patient … and the NHS is helping m do that! I salute the NHS and smile, thanking the wonderful people who introduced this simple concept – free health care at the point of delivery, paid out of our taxes by everyone. You see, if I am kept healthy, and thus not a burdon on the society, I am cheaper to keep! I can remain productive and help others!

Rachel has just taken out travel insurance for her trip to the USA, next week, because no one dares tread on US soil without having water-tight health insurance. Crazy, foolish, short sighted system. Selfish and inefficient system. It is sad that a US citizen should feel so vulnerable in their own country – but tht is the truth, for many folks, working, self employed as well as the poor. USA you should be ashamed for getting it so wrong and being hood-winked by greedy business people and drug companies. You are being taken for a ride, like guinnea pigs or lab rats, who pay for it.

Today, I drink a toast (of hot water), to the wonderful, wonderful National Health Service! A service – not a business. Smile please!


2 responses to “NHS Dentist – At long last

  1. Yes, I do aggree , we are lucky to have NHS . However tooth problem can be genectic and also if you were born pre mature. This is in my case. I did not eat sweets as a child but had to go to the dentist since the age of 4 with very painful threatments as a child. In later life I took care and did all what the dentist was suggesting .. but still than if the material is not good nothing will work.. and so I’m happy to have my false teeth now.:) .. Good luck with your teeth and I’m glad you got a good dentist.

    “You are being taken for a ride, like guinnea pigs or lab rats, who pay for it.”
    I love that quote .. thank you for sharing it. I had the same idea of a water proofed insurance when I traveled to the US.. and felt happy that I did not had to use it. 🙂

  2. Sounds nasty. good luck with the NHS dentist

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