Attention to detail – happiness, quality of life and survival

Whether you want to know how to survive some future disaster or whether you want to enjoy the present times more – you’ve got to pay attention to detail. You need to be aware; awake; alert.

Beware Danger in Unexpected Form - Wolf in sheep's clothing

Beware Unexpected Danger - Wolf in sheep's clothing

Life is passing by and often it takes a scare or terminal illness to get folks up, out and doing things. Too often life is lived in a dull, repetetive indifference. Stop that and smell the roses! Explore the flow of energy that is life. Use your senses and live!

You would do well to turn off the television and start reading. Educate yourself.

Suggested reading:

Flow by Csikszentmihalyi

Your Money or your Life

Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

Simple Prosperity


A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth 8CDs

Also look at:

Finding Your Perfect Work

Finding Your Own North Star


Life is too short and every new day is a blessing. Hence why I say, you should play to survive”!

I am watching my cat fall asleep – it is so cute!


2 responses to “Attention to detail – happiness, quality of life and survival

  1. You’re so right. People need to take the feedbag off, get off the couch and away from the flat scree, away from the air conditioning and into the real world where they can experience it in full surround sound, high def with a 360 degree view.

    Thanks for the lit. suggestions also.

    Alter the Eco and keep up the good fight,


  2. Thanks for your comment! Flow is a great book and well worth the effort it taked to plough through it! Have read my version several times and still find new things every time I re-read! All the best! ES

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