Can Gordon Brown play chess?

We know Russians are good at playing chess – and this encourages strategic thinking.

We know our politicians are becoming more dependent upon focus groups, media moods and swing voters.

Are our politicians doing the job we pay them to do, looking after the complex strategic issues of economy, defense, security, energy, environment – issues beyond our own personal control and influence? What smart plans do they have? Or are they so focused on the short term worries of re-election? Maybe the roll of energy governance should be with Whitehall, as interest rates are with the Bank of England?

You cannot win at chess against grand masters by only looking a couple of moves ahead. It is not poker! So too in world affairs. Our politicians need to stop watching their backs and start watching the future!

Energy, water, food, housing, health, global warming, security, war … these are all the fundamentals of survival yet they threaten us now in our affluent world.

What kind of miss-management is this? Have we become so lazy, so over confident and careless as to squander our wealth? Or are our politicians playing games with us, the electorate? I used to think they were smart but now I am not so sure. I now tend to think of them as overpaid.

What is our energy policy? When are we going to seriously reduce energy waste and over consumption of this scarce, expensive and politically sensitive stuff? In times of crisis we grew our own food, mined our energy and worked for the common good. We pulled together. So where is the message now to tighten our belts, reduce waste, be more self-sufficient and frugal, as a nation? Lead from the top Gordon, or leave the stage. We have a job to do.

If you cannot play chess – don’t pretend you can. Even little Harry Potter knew that! Independence and self determination nationally require smart, strategic thinking. If you mess up with Russia you end up cap in hand to the US. Oh I forgot, we already did that, TB.

The way out of the present economic slowdown is not to encourage growth, consumerism, housing capitalism and a binge party! Take the message of frugality, common interest and reduced consumption to the people! We don’t want more energy – we want better use of less energy! We don’t want higher house prices – we want higher living standards for all! We don’t want Big Brother – we want good governance, of our affairs. And we must demand this of our politicians – we employ them!

Anyone who thinks private enterprise is an efficient method for the provision of basic human needs – water, food, air, fuel, shelter, health, security – need only look at the world to see it is not. Look beyond capitalism and profit – use our brains to improve the world, not just struggle to slow the decay. We can do better!

Stop messing about with world religions (and clinging on to neo-conservative visions of a new world order) and thus fueling hatred (which is convenient for the war mongers, see blog) and get on with the basics. It is clearly too much for you to manage much else.

That is this morning’s rant out of the way, now I can proceed with the day sure in the knowledge that although this is public (I feel better getting it off my chest), no one will actually read it (and embarrass my naivety). Ahh, the world of blogging!



2 responses to “Can Gordon Brown play chess?

  1. Your naivety is embarrassed – i read your post !!! 🙂


  2. This government has been about waste, lack of vision, a failure to practice what it preaches, micro-management of the people rather than policies and an inablity to accept that they can do any wrong. The constant mantra is to blame others, “when the other party was in power..blah, blah, blah….”, the “other party did this, that and the other”. Never for a moment looking at their own acts objectively. In fact this government has spent so much time looking backwards, that no-one has been stearing us forward.

    Unfortunately, this is obvious to everyone other than those in power. There is nothing wrong with reducing waste, but to suggest the answer is frugality will be an untenable as it is impracticable. We do live in a ‘disposable’ society, where, for example it is cheaper to throw something away than it is to repair it…that is waste. Take for example your office printer, your PC, mobile phone ect.

    Government is right to encourage people to do more for themselves, rather than simply looking to the government (or in truth the tax payer) to think for them or bail them out. A good start would be to tell people that if they are capable of work, then they must get themselves a part-time job so that they can pay the higher utility, fuel and food prices, just like the rest of us would have to do. But then, this government is not completely stupid, they would not want to alienate their traditional voters now, would they?

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