Malcolmsian economics:

Malcolmsian economics:

If a person’s expenditure is less than their income, they can relax and focus upon life’s delights.

Without wanting to sound like an annoying advert for the Tesco food emporium, every penny matters. A bucket with holes in needs to be refilled at a faster rate than it leaks. The lower the water level in the bucket, the less holes are leaking – due to the fact that not all the holes are on the very bottom of the bucket! The more water in the bucket, the more water is pushed out the holes.

Solution? Spend less and find equalibrium. Work to fill specific holes in your life. There is a finite amount of this ‘water’ (money or resources) in the world too, so the more ‘water’ someone takes the less is available for others. I see why they refer to liquidity in economics.

‘Consumerism’ is like a “dis-ease”, creating unsustainable living conditions and misery for millions. We all need to stop spending so much!

Try this:

  • Go out without money or plastic cards in your pocket.
  • Set budgets and limits.
  • Stop using shopping as a way to feel happier.
  • Focus upon nature’s beauty which is free.
  • Entertain yourself.
  • Experience “going without”.
  • Stop buying on credit!!!

The day after writing this blog, I read an article on the BBC website about the coming “Eco Crunch”.

This is an article close to my heart, since it is plain for all to see that we are using global resources too fast, living beyond our means and beyond the planet’s capacity to sustain this over consumption. We face bankrupcy on a global scale if we do not take action now. 6 billion actions, starting now – and not stopping until we are back in credit.

Do or die, I say.


4 responses to “Malcolmsian economics:

  1. Beautiful post – thank you!
    Ask anyone for their ‘favourite moments’ in life and few of them will revolve around money.

    For the past 3 days the sky has been exhilarating at night time – it makes the clocks going back bearable as I gaze at something so awesome as a sky filled sky in the dark of the moon.
    As the nights are colder, we’ve been lighting the fire – curled up with the cat and my daughter staring into the flames is a time I treasure and creates memories for all of us.
    Watching a beautiful sunrise (as I was fortunate enough to do on Sunday) breathes silence into your being.
    Being in the arms of my husband, who loves me with total acceptance and non-judgement is something I am fortunate enough to experience on a daily basis.

    Can you put a price on any of those things?

  2. Great minds think alike they say! I love the way the internet brings like-minded folk closer despite being tucked away in wrinkles on this beautiful Earth’s surface.

    Lovely to hear from you – how is it going? What are you doing with plastics???

    Keep in touch!

    ~ Malcolm

  3. Hi Malcolm,
    The internet is a funny thing; it can make the world seem smaller and I have had the honour to meet people I would most likely never have met otherwise.
    Yet, there is something lacking too – as with most things, it’s a double-edged sword I guess.

    Regarding plastics; our lifestyle is gradually changing, but trying to be free of plastic totally is not possible for us at the moment. We are compromising in that we are finding more and more companies who will reprocess plastic. We are using these resources and supporting these companies, but know the ideal is to reject it all in the first place. 🙂
    We are have our limits though and as more and more people ‘do their bit’ I feel confident the collective change has the potential to be huge……..

  4. As Mahatma Gandhi said … “There is enough on the earth for everybody’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.” Good post … keep them coming Malcolm :)) xx

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