New website for Five Senses

New website for Five Senses – is now live!

Cold feet

I am working on it! Rachel has made a new website for Five Senses and it already looks great, lots of good pictures on it too but I need to write the content.

Always the same problem – getting content! It is easy to put any ol’ shit up there but what good is that? Writing for the web and usability requires effort, craftsmanship and focus … which I am not always blessed with. I fins writing blogs and on paper easy but try to put only the simplest, succinct message and my brain raises a big dunce-like question mark? What do you mean not everyone loves my every word and wants only to get the facts, instantly?

Umm, like I do when I browse the internet. Exactly – I have to write for the people looking at the page, not for my own ego. Not what I know but what they want to know, in that moment.

So, for a few days the website is down … and I’m under growing pressure to pull my finger out and get it finished.

Touchwood Project News …

In the mean time – there is the Touchwood Project and all good things there – including the coming Power Off Weekend, this March 20-21st. So two balls to juggle.

Fancy a picture whilst I go for a cup of tea?

Rachel's punk-spinning - Learning to spin her way

One response to “New website for Five Senses

  1. Writing good posts is difficult. I post very infrequently because of it. I write, and re-write posts in my head a few times before they ever make it on my blog.

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