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New post for 2013

I think it is time to reactivate this blog!

I have been busy posting stories and pictures on the Facebook Page for Five Senses – there just hasn’t been enough time in the day to do both – but now our two year old is more self reliant I’d like to reclaim this blog – for all of you who don’t use Facebook!

Watch this space! No I have remembered my log in password, nothing can stop me posting more here!


Simplifying my web posts

I have a headache: I have too many sites on the internet that need maintaining, hence why this once active blog is being neglected. So there is going to be some serious pruning.

First there is the Five Senses website, which needs a dedicated blog, not this P2S blog.

Second there is the Touchwood Project new website.

Then there are the spin offs – Power Off, Ravelry and Squidoo, Couchsurfing and their Twitter feeds –  and finally, there is Facebook. Shit. I have pages, groups and god only knows what on Facebook too, and I’m not going to bore you with all the other smaller networking sites.

You are already bored, right?

Suffice to say, I need to rationalise all this and get back to writing good content for the web – starting with my specialist subject of Navigation.

I’ll link it all up so serious followers can find it – and the spam can get lost.

🙂 Cheers!

New website for Five Senses

New website for Five Senses – is now live!

Cold feet

I am working on it! Rachel has made a new website for Five Senses and it already looks great, lots of good pictures on it too but I need to write the content.

Always the same problem – getting content! It is easy to put any ol’ shit up there but what good is that? Writing for the web and usability requires effort, craftsmanship and focus … which I am not always blessed with. I fins writing blogs and on paper easy but try to put only the simplest, succinct message and my brain raises a big dunce-like question mark? What do you mean not everyone loves my every word and wants only to get the facts, instantly?

Umm, like I do when I browse the internet. Exactly – I have to write for the people looking at the page, not for my own ego. Not what I know but what they want to know, in that moment.

So, for a few days the website is down … and I’m under growing pressure to pull my finger out and get it finished.

Touchwood Project News …

In the mean time – there is the Touchwood Project and all good things there – including the coming Power Off Weekend, this March 20-21st. So two balls to juggle.

Fancy a picture whilst I go for a cup of tea?

Rachel's punk-spinning - Learning to spin her way

Ahh sod it, just write

I have decided it better to write anything, to break the log jam, rather than wait for divine inspiration / great pictures / fantastic headlines to grab your attention.

in Flow, busy me

in Flow, busy me

So, I have been busy, in my head if not always in body because that is what my mind likes to do and I have a lingering knee injury. I manage to ride the bike, walk the cats, do the occassional few hours walk and was in the Cairngorms teaching fire making, bivouacing out in the snow some nights. All good, healthy fun. But no blog posts because I keep forgetting to get photos – and in the internet, pictures are worth a thousand, million words.

Keep it sweet. And short.

March 20-21 without electricity, join us!

Life is good. The next Power Off weekend is March 20-21st which is also the Spring Equinox. Had to get Mother’s day out of the way, first.

I have been busy with Twitter – little messages, both on orkneysurvival and touchwoodproj – have a look and follow if not already doing.

Rachel has been busy writing on the Touchwood Project blog, as we come out of hibernation. See there.

I’m also still using Facebook and have recently revisited Tribe. My music is on Last.Fm

I am barefoot still. It is raining. The cats are cute as ever. Rachel is wonderful and goes from strength to strength. She works on a new website for Five Senses as I type here.

Caper on my shoulder, Hoy behind

The focus of the coming year? Touchwood environmental and happiness projects, pilot projects, friends and a growing tribe. Five Senses – fire teaching classes around the country, wherever we can arrange a venue and 6 people to make the travel worth while. Guided walks around Orkney, navigation classes and trying to fin land, build a stone and turf shelter, make enough money to live off and grow the dream – the Stone Age centre for Touchwood Project.

Also some gardening, seaweed gathering, learning new plants, new skills, soap making, and more on the Power Off activities. THis months copy of i-i Orkney has a bit about the last Power Off. Read it, please, if you can.

Ok, tea and real work now.