This is where my heart lies – the survival of life, as we know it, the beauty of nature and humans’ relationship with the environment – geography and all my survival skills.

I coined the term eco-survival to distinguish what I do from the more macho / mainstream survival and bushcraft offerings. However, I am not an ecologist either. I hope people will understand that my survival ideas stem from the local and personal, such as surviving a disaster or accident, to the global  and ecological / environmental survival that is global warming, sustainable resource balance and social and ethical issues, like war, peace, health and happiness.

This is a new page – the plan is to reorganise all my posts – so bear with me and for now continue to use the categories down the right hand sde of the page.

Play is essential for our long term survival 🙂


3 responses to “Eco-Survival

  1. I am in Shetland and keenly interested in more primitive living skills, particularly in the face of peak oil and climate change. I think that learning to live more wholely within our bioregion is essential.

  2. I have gone exploring with Malcolm on two occasions, once with my daughters while on vacation and answering the call of Orkney the following year for the Folk Festival. Malcolm doesn’t know it yet but I retire in five months and plan on a third trip (at least!) in order to spend three days on his wilderness survival course (and maybe help build a Hobbit house or two!).

  3. I am a husband and father of 3 children, interrested in being able to care and protect them in the event that we find ourselves in a collapsed society due to misuse of resources, political degeneration or whatever the cause. I’m not paranoid, just want to learn more about surviving on natural materials, I want to teach my children what modern public education will not…… how to be dependant on nature, not technology.

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