I hope to organise this blog a bit better now it is growing – so here I plan to put all the stuff to do with Orkney, where we live. Also known as the Orcades or the Orkney Islands and mistakenly the Orkneys – I am less pedantic than many when it comes to names of places. In my mind it is something that evolves over time. Just because we now see things in black and white letters doesn’t mean they cannot alter.

Anyhow, this page is about the islands here in the north of Scotland, called Orkney.

Until I get all the organisation done I suggest you continue to use the categories down the right hand side of this blog.


4 responses to “Orkney

  1. I’m interested in the Orkney Islands for the same reason I live in Alaska, it is one out the out of the way places to the north. I am an avid knitter and the traditions in wool that come from that part of the world are another interest I have. Keep writing.

    • Dear Lynn,

      Thanks for writing – do please keep in touch – I have been a bit busy outdoors and so my writing has been neglected.

      My day to day activities are on Twitter as “Orkneysurvival” but otherwise I will have to write more about life here and get more photos up.

      Where in Alaska are you? I’d love to get there and spend a long time in the outdoors. Have you a blog?

      As I say, keep in touch.

      Best wishes ~ M

  2. ref: Orkney Trees in Winter
    The pictures of the trees with snow tell us the enchantment of an untold story of Orkney. I hope there will be more.
    Best regards,

  3. My family has a great attachment to Orkney. My father was stationed in the RAF at Birsay in Orkney, and never forgot the wonderful islands, and, most of all, the wonderful, hospitable people. He took us to meet some of the wonderful friends he made there during the war (we visited in 1956 and 1962) and it is a magical place for my sister and myself, too. It is ‘our place’. We stayed on South Fara in 1962, when there were only four people living on the island, and a telephone box in the middle. Do you have any recent pictures of South Fara? Alan and Mary Jean Spence, farmers in Orkney, were also special people. I fear that Alan Spence must have died now. He did have a nephew who was a vet, but cannot remember his name. We put up a memorial seat in memory of my father, which is placed overlooking the Brough of Birsay. Have you sat on this seat? Orkney is a truly wonderful place.

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