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Power Off weekend, March 20-21st / Spring Equinox

Turn the power off for 48 hours and enjoy a mini holiday at home with friends, games and traditional entertainment, cooking over a fire maybe.

sausages cooking on the open fire

Prepare yourself for a sudden ‘crisis’ by enjoying one of these Power Off Weekends, be prepared, save money and reduce your carbon footprint, whilst having fun again.

You will love being free of the internet, electric gadgets, work, noise and chores and instead breath a sigh of relief. Some of it may be challenging but we love challenges, right? Especially when only for a weekend. Give it a go, this March 20-21st, which coincides with the Equinox, start of Spring.

Playing games by candle light - like being children again

See all the posts on our Touchwood Project blog about the Power Off weekends – the radio interview clips, photos, 101 things to do without electricity and some feedback from people who tried it. Click on the yellow Power Off logo:

48 hours without electricity - adventure in your own home!

To sign up for the event, see more pictures or just support us, even if you cannot do it this time around, it is best to go to the Facebook Events, Group and Page. Three separate places on Facebook, which confuses me but if you go to the Events page and RSPV to attend, your name will be counted and we will be able to include you in pre-weekend information, questionnaires and tips.

Power Off Event – Facebook

If you join the group on Facebook we will know you support the idea – as too if you become a ‘fan’ on the Power Off Weekends Page. Please do all three – and let us know you care.

Power Off Weekend Group – Facebook

Power Off Weekends Page – Facebook

One more picture, from the mid-winter Power Off weekend:

Reading by natural daylight, keeping warm, enjoying life - flow


Ahh sod it, just write

I have decided it better to write anything, to break the log jam, rather than wait for divine inspiration / great pictures / fantastic headlines to grab your attention.

in Flow, busy me

in Flow, busy me

So, I have been busy, in my head if not always in body because that is what my mind likes to do and I have a lingering knee injury. I manage to ride the bike, walk the cats, do the occassional few hours walk and was in the Cairngorms teaching fire making, bivouacing out in the snow some nights. All good, healthy fun. But no blog posts because I keep forgetting to get photos – and in the internet, pictures are worth a thousand, million words.

Keep it sweet. And short.

March 20-21 without electricity, join us!

Life is good. The next Power Off weekend is March 20-21st which is also the Spring Equinox. Had to get Mother’s day out of the way, first.

I have been busy with Twitter – little messages, both on orkneysurvival and touchwoodproj – have a look and follow if not already doing.

Rachel has been busy writing on the Touchwood Project blog, as we come out of hibernation. See http://www.touchwoodproject.com there.

I’m also still using Facebook and have recently revisited Tribe. My music is on Last.Fm

I am barefoot still. It is raining. The cats are cute as ever. Rachel is wonderful and goes from strength to strength. She works on a new website for Five Senses as I type here.

Caper on my shoulder, Hoy behind

The focus of the coming year? Touchwood environmental and happiness projects, pilot projects, friends and a growing tribe. Five Senses – fire teaching classes around the country, wherever we can arrange a venue and 6 people to make the travel worth while. Guided walks around Orkney, navigation classes and trying to fin land, build a stone and turf shelter, make enough money to live off and grow the dream – the Stone Age centre for Touchwood Project.

Also some gardening, seaweed gathering, learning new plants, new skills, soap making, and more on the Power Off activities. THis months copy of i-i Orkney has a bit about the last Power Off. Read it, please, if you can.

Ok, tea and real work now.

Attention to detail – happiness, quality of life and survival

Whether you want to know how to survive some future disaster or whether you want to enjoy the present times more – you’ve got to pay attention to detail. You need to be aware; awake; alert.

Beware Danger in Unexpected Form - Wolf in sheep's clothing

Beware Unexpected Danger - Wolf in sheep's clothing

Life is passing by and often it takes a scare or terminal illness to get folks up, out and doing things. Too often life is lived in a dull, repetetive indifference. Stop that and smell the roses! Explore the flow of energy that is life. Use your senses and live!

You would do well to turn off the television and start reading. Educate yourself.

Suggested reading:

Flow by Csikszentmihalyi

Your Money or your Life

Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

Simple Prosperity


A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth 8CDs

Also look at:

Finding Your Perfect Work

Finding Your Own North Star


Life is too short and every new day is a blessing. Hence why I say, you should play to survive”!

I am watching my cat fall asleep – it is so cute!

Day 4 and a taste revolution!


Today is full of good flavours, a delight after 3 days of dullness. Yoga first thing, as it was raining. Felt it in my muscles since spent time last night playing ‘catch’ or goalkeeper … great fun and good flow. More about flow later!

  • Breakfast: Apple followed by Millet with Almonds
  • Lunch: Lentil Soup (from yesterday) and the treat … 2 ricecakes with cashew butter. Woo hoo.

Yes, we have been shopping – lots of veggies, and the above treat.

Yesterday was full of garlic due to the homemade houmous / hummus and some lentil soup. Certainly it is good to have food of “substance”, such as the cashew butter or hummus – gives you something to work on.

Had a good shower and body scrub, hopefully removing some toxins and garlic smell and stimulating the lymph system.

As I type I am munching spinach leaves (raw) and earlier today I had a cup of rooibos tea. Check it out – wonderful stuff.

Tonight we are off out to dinner, hoping for trout and rice but will see what our wonderful hosts come up with.

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