I’m having the day off – flies, couchsurfers, back ache

The wind has died down – a rare occurrence here in the northern isles – so now the air feels warm, oppressive and heavy. The flies are airborne and I am reminded of life “down south”. We used to have whole summers like this – the drone of distant lawnmowers, hiding in the shade, the salty sting of sweat in the eyes and the buzzing of flies. I’d almost forgotten about that life.

Today I am resting, after a busy three days non stop, teaching survival and visiting the ancient sites of Orkney with a nice couple – the winners of Survival International raffle prize – 3 days with me – woo hoo.

I feel a bit grumpy due to straining my back while lunging for a ball this morning – and so today I am resting carefully. Met up with two really nice Couchsurfers just now – sadly we were too busy to host them but at least managed to say hello – I showed them Barnhouse village – often overlooked by tourists.

The diet continues – I’ll write it up later.

Did yoga this morning after a 3 day absence – too busy working and sleeping – and hit by hay fever – but now paying for the inactivity with an aching back. Sod’s law. Yoga felt really good too – so I am a bit pissed off.

Still, mustn’t complain. Mum is still in hospital and cannot walk – so that must be hell for her. I feel really sad for her – such a rapid loss of independence – I hope they can fix her – but hope fades with time.

Back to swatting flies and sipping rooibos.



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