The Diet Continues but the blog dries up

Well – the blog entries dried up when we went south to Perth, last Sunday. Today is Saturday, some 6 days later.

We managed to live off Rice cakes, alfalfa sprouts (in a bag and growing as we travelled), water and bits and pieces. Basically we managed to keep on the diet and totally avoided bread, sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and all the other bad stuff – a good way to celebrate the completion of 30 days diet. The yoga was mre difficult but we were getting walking in and had a great ferry ride back to Orkney, with Rachel confident to not take any motion sickness tablets.

Now we are back to work and it is busy, but the good eating is becoming a habit so we are now looking at 2 years! I’ve taken to doing yoga in strange places, when convenient – this has been a real success.

That all said, I need to explain that while Rachel is being 100% on this diet, I am only involved to “support her” and to benefit from avoiding crap and so eating the food my body deserves – and only that. That means that I have eaten a bit of cheese and pasta – because it was a gift:

We had some wonderful guests staying with us (see who were so sweet and considerate, bringing gifts and food and helping out – in return for a place to stay and our company. They even cooked a special cheese and pasta free meal for Rachel – but though I have been eating the same as her they did not realise this and cooked me a special, Alpine macaroni cheese dish. So, it being after the 30 days, I relented and ate it. The next day we were back to our vegetables and prawns and so on – but good to find I had no detectable reaction to any of it … no bloating or lethargy or whatever might have been possible.

All good news. Rooibos tea, without caffeine, is the best. That and water is all we drink. Oh, tell a lie, nettle tea also. Today I picked meadowsweet and chamomile so will be drying those for use later in the summer. The nettles are good for cordage now.

Other news – the dig at Ness of Brodgar is getting interesting (and thanks to good weather is a happy place to be). I’ll be doing some demonstrations down there – when I have a day off from tours and fire making lessons. Must go now, got preparations to do for tomorrow.


2 responses to “The Diet Continues but the blog dries up

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  2. hey! im a 16yr old girl from australia just wanted to say i am really inspired by your willpower here. i just came across this and its got some great ideas so thanks!

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